When Antonio Ponti arrives in Nice, from his native Italy, he has reason to feel a sense of familiarity.

 Nice has only been part of France since 1860, when Italy reluctantly gave her up to repay France for helping defend itself from the Austrians. This mixed heritage gives Nice its fabulous melange of French and Italian, as seen in its architecture, colors, cuisine and lifestyle. http://www.bestofniceblog.com/history-nice-france/quick-history-of-nice-france/

Several years later, it is here where he meets Elizabeth Morgan, a talented and beautiful young woman from Connecticut.

In my novel, I’ll Be Looking at the Moon, I have tried to capture the mystique of this fabulous seacoast town. The reader can imagine Nice’s dazzling pastel buildings, the taste of its exquisite foods and the perfect setting for a mesmerizing love story. Antonio shows Elizabeth the pleasures of sailing on his boat, as they explore the French Riviera in places like Monaco and Saint-Tropez.

In one scene, they dine at Antonio’s favorite café, located on a small side street in the old part of town. There they sample the local Provençal dishes from recipes which have been passed down for generations. Elizabeth is enchanted by it all: this intriguing Italian expat, living on his yacht and filling her French adventure with romance that turns to love.