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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

Atmospheric, generally smart, and filled with drama, I’ll Be Looking at the Moon by Lucia Barrett is a romance with unforgettable characters and beautiful settings. Elizabeth Morgan is from a wealthy family, but her family is known for a history of abuse. When she meets Antonio Ponti, an Italian, in France, they build a bond so strong that Elizabeth begins to see her future in him. But then a misunderstanding happens between them and, afraid to repeat the same history of abuse her family is known for, she leaves him and moves back to the United States. But she doesn’t know she is pregnant and Antonio is desperate to find her. Fifteen years after the separation, Elizabeth is lonely, but burning with longing. Would it be too late to go back and look for the love she once shunned? Will Antonio still be there for her? She seizes the opportunity to reclaim a love she’d fled from many years back — anxious, uncertain, and trusting her instincts.

This novel is a poignant and powerful dramatization of a romantic adventure. Lucia Barrett has the gift of character and she creates them with deep layers — emotional and psychological. The plot is sophisticated, enriched with interesting backstories that allow readers insight into the world of the characters. I enjoyed the stories about Elizabeth’s family and how they justify her impulsive character. From the very beginning of the story, I was hooked by the power of the prose and the author’s ability to capture beautiful elements of the setting; from the moment that Elizabeth comes into the club asking about Ponti, to the wonderfully described locales, to the expert capturing of the culture. The French expressions are so skillfully woven into the story, a reminder to readers that France is part of the world where these characters evolve. I’ll Be Looking at the Moon is intelligently plotted and it features characters that are deeply flawed and that readers can easily relate to. Lucia Barrett just became one of my favorite romance authors.