I’m Lucia Barrett, author of the romance novel I’ll Be Looking at the Moon. I am also the cellist and manager of Romanza Strings, a string quartet on the west coast of Florida. I think some of the lyricism of my words may come from the beautiful music I get to play.

Research for my book came from the years I lived in Lyon. You can probably tell I fell totally in love with France. The fabulous character Antonio is another story. He is only from my imagination – although everyone asks me about him! Maybe someday I will meet him.

I love to kayak in the bay and also have coffee in little cafés with my friends whether here in Florida, in Connecticut or in Lyon. In another life, I constructed crossword puzzles for Dell and for the New York Times Sunday Magazine. I also did some translation for Beacon Press in Boston after I graduated from Boston University.

I hope you will enjoy my book and give me your thoughts about it. I have enjoyed reading all the wonderful 5-star reviews on Amazon and am grateful for each one. I learn so much from my lovely readers.

Interview with author, Lucia Barrett on Suncoast Authors TV hosted by editor Liz Coursen

This in-depth¬†conversation explores the inspiration and writing process that led to the publication of Lucia Barrett’s first novel.