[Barrett is] a highly descriptive writer who paints lovely pictures of cobblestone streets sun-dazzled plazas, and intimate cafes. … in a pleasant departure from the traditional fairy-tale trajectory, Barrett’s heroine relies on her own determination and creates her own successes rather than waiting to be rescued by a man. It’s a welcome contrast to the sexist, demeaning attitudes that defined Elizabeth’s childhood and a satisfying victory for a protagonist who broke a cycle of abuse and unhappiness.

A sweet story of strength and second chances.”  Kirkus Reviews 

I'll Be Looking at the Moon is available now.

Author Lucia Barrett has created a moving story of life, loss, love, and rediscovery…that is sure to touch the hearts of all readers.

San Francisco Book Review

“As [Elizabeth] makes a life in Lyon, France, she meets, and falls in love with, restaurateur Antonio who it turns out has a shady past. A past that threatens their love and Elizabeth’s life causes her to return to the states with a secret. As love is tested and survival – both literally and emotionally – are key, the question is what will they do and will they find their way back to each other?” 

Seattle Book Review

I’LL BE LOOKING AT THE MOON is a richly-told, warmhearted story about a woman finding trust, love, and a new sense of self after a lonely childhood.

Indie Reader

Catherine Langrehr

I’ll Be Looking at the Moon is beautifully written and expressed. Barrett’s strength as a writer gives the book true meaning and narrative weight. Her descriptions of Europe are breathtaking, and Elizabeth’s heartache is evocatively conveyed. This is really a book to get lost in – you’ll get swept away by romantic far-away locales, and feel every pull of Elizabeth’s search for love and personal fulfillment.” 
— Self-Publishing Review 

Self-Publishing Review