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SIDEKICK: A Story of Encouragement, Humor, and Hope
by Lucia Barrett


A husband and father loses his lower leg as a result of a tragic automobile accident in this novel.

Forty-one-year-old Jack Miller works as “a mechanical engineer in a small R & D company” in Woodfield, Connecticut. His spouse, Sasha, is described as “a take-charge mother and a wife in career mode” who works in the hospitality industry. Along with their two young children, George and Rose, the couple seem to lead a perfect life.

But cracks begin to appear in their marriage and Jack begins a short but steamy romance with Sandy, a Realtor he is introduced to at his country club. Feeling a sudden pang of conscience, Jack visits Sandy to break off the affair and then leaves to pick up George and Rose in his SUV. Jack becomes distracted and the vehicle careers off the road and into a lake.

As the car fills with water, Jack attempts to save his children but finds that his mangled ankle is trapped in the wreckage. He regains consciousness in a hospital room, facing life as an amputee and the weight of his actions. During his darkest moments, an old friend, Utah, calls unexpectedly, and Jack’s life changes again. Barrett’s (I’ll Be Looking at the Moon, 2016) first novel was a story of resilience and second chances, and this new offering is thematically similar.

As in her previous work, the author displays a talent for capturing the complexity of human connections. Describing the all-consuming nature of Jack’s affair, Barrett notes: “He had felt that when he was with her, he was inside an opaque microcosm from which he could not see beyond the space the two of them occupied.”

Her writing is shrewd and analytical, meticulously mapping out Jack’s arduous psychological journey as the narrative progresses: “Only in his dreams was his sadness able to burst into his subconscious and plunder his brain to inflict its mortal wounds directly to his heart.”

The author also accurately addresses the daily physical challenges faced by Jack as an amputee, such as the frustrations of putting on a pair of trousers when wearing a prosthesis.

..Barrett provides slivers of hope throughout, resulting in a gut-wrenching but unexpectedly inspirational read.


Lucia Barrett’s first novel was an early success.

[Barrett is] a highly descriptive writer who paints lovely pictures of cobblestone streets sun-dazzled plazas, and intimate cafes. … in a pleasant departure from the traditional fairy-tale trajectory, Barrett’s heroine relies on her own determination and creates her own successes rather than waiting to be rescued by a man. It’s a welcome contrast to the sexist, demeaning attitudes that defined Elizabeth’s childhood and a satisfying victory for a protagonist who broke a cycle of abuse and unhappiness.

A sweet story of strength and second chances.”  Kirkus Reviews 

I'll Be Looking at the Moon

Author Lucia Barrett has created a moving story of life, loss, love, and rediscovery…that is sure to touch the hearts of all readers.

San Francisco Book Review

“As [Elizabeth] makes a life in Lyon, France, she meets, and falls in love with, restaurateur Antonio who it turns out has a shady past. A past that threatens their love and Elizabeth’s life causes her to return to the states with a secret. As love is tested and survival – both literally and emotionally – are key, the question is what will they do and will they find their way back to each other?” 

Seattle Book Review

I’LL BE LOOKING AT THE MOON is a richly-told, warmhearted story about a woman finding trust, love, and a new sense of self after a lonely childhood.

Indie Reader

Catherine Langrehr

I’ll Be Looking at the Moon is beautifully written and expressed. Barrett’s strength as a writer gives the book true meaning and narrative weight. Her descriptions of Europe are breathtaking, and Elizabeth’s heartache is evocatively conveyed. This is really a book to get lost in – you’ll get swept away by romantic far-away locales, and feel every pull of Elizabeth’s search for love and personal fulfillment.” 
— Self-Publishing Review 

Self-Publishing Review